Friday, February 18, 2022

Baby Doll Wipes

Years ago my DH purchased a pattern from Crochet n' Play for a Diaper Bag set for my doll donation project. As with many online designers her pattern store has disappeared from the web and I can no longer direct people to her great work.

For my part I've started purchasing some items for the donation because they provide more practical play experience and they allow me to focus my time on items that enhance the play time. I've started buying Melissa & Doug Feeding Set when I can find the on sale because they provide many of the fun feeding items that don't always work as well made in crochet.

I haven't given up on making items for the diaper bags though. First as you've already seen posted I make the diapers to fit the dolls every year because regardless of your views on disposable vs. cloth diapers for real babies for dolls that don't wet, cloth diapers are just a cheap alternative, especially when they are made to fit the doll you receive. I also make the bibs. This set comes with a bib, but it made for a smaller doll and I like to make the items to fit the dolls I send out. Lastly wipes.

I've seen several attempts to make pretend wipes for kids. Sometimes its just an empty plastic bottle where kids can pretend to get wipes for the baby doll. Others have wipes that run out because they dry out. The crocheted wipes like the crocheted diapers solve the problem of running out as they are constantly reusable. They aren't even that hard to remake if you lose one. It crosses that line between the plastic container with no wipes and the containers with wipes that dry out.

This was another project that let me did into last year's left over stash of yarn balls. I've been thrilled to target this yarn and not see it disappear into the depths of my yarn stash.


I used a g hook for the wipes and container. The lettering should face outward but I wasn't redoing it.

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Reidland Family said...

That is so cute! It reminds me of the things my mom used to make for her grandkids.

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