Thursday, February 10, 2022

Our Generation Bathing Suit

I tend to neglect the Our Generation Dolls as the box of knitted clothes my Mom sends every year tend to fit the Our Generation dolls better than the My Life dolls and provide a fairly substanial wardrobe for the donation dolls.

I did better in 2020 as I made an effort to fit more of the 18" doll patterns I have to the Our Generation doll. Last year after seeing my Mom's donation, I sadly only finished one outfit for the Our Generation dolls. This year I'm starting early in hopes of doing better at getting more of my own outfits in the Our Generation box.

I mentioned previously that I've been on a kick to get donation dolls ready for summer with bathing suits as a means of dealing with the cold here. This bathing suit is one of Darski's free patterns found in her free Weatherby pattern set here.


My guage has been funny lately so these are strictly for my purposes only, not in any way intended as directions for others to follow.

I used a K hook for the first 2 rows of the bathing suit as I couldn't get it to slide over hips with smaller hooks. I went back to an I hook after that and the bathing suit fit fine. For similiar issues I used a K hook for cover.

I am pleased to say I'm still working from last years left over yarn ball stash. This project was made completely from left over yarn. This has turned into a creative project to find ways to turn these left overs into doll projects.

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