Friday, April 12, 2024

Lots to Love 14 Inch Baby Doll Spring Dress and Jacket

This year I've been seeing old patterns I haven't used in years, patterns that get used almost every year, and new patterns that I've either purchased or have found as freebies on the Internet. It makes for a change of pace to keep the project engaging. I enjoy revisiting favorite patterns like this out of print Amy Carrico pattern but I also enjoy trying something I either haven't done in a while like the Barbie Winter formal or the free dress pattern I adapted for the Lots to Love 14 Inch doll and the Rag Doll.

This year I've done probably the best job in tracking items made for the dolls but one hole in my system in color tracking. I have pictures of the items but I don't always think to check accessories for colors. This doll now has two sets of purple shoes as I had forgotten I used this pattern to make shoes for the free dress pattern and used a solid purple rather than the striped yarn I used for the dress. Not a huge issue as shoes tend to be some of the fist items lost when kids are playing with dolls, but I do try to vary the colors so they can mix and match. Something to note for my future lists.


I used Bernat Big Baby Sport Lavendar. Oddly I have the best luck finding this at our local Walmart. I can get pink, white, and blue almost anywhere but they always seem to have the colors like purple, yellow and the variageted there as well. I know each Walmart supply is different but I mention this as I was struggling to find purple online as I buy most of my yarn online but stumbled upon it at Walmart and I try to get the hard to find colors there because they are helpful for my doll projects.

The jacket/sweater and headband are made with Lion Brand's Ice Cream Yarn Black Cherry. I've been using Ice Cream yarn quite a bit recently for the baby dolls and the Rag Doll for various outfits.


I use a G hook for rows 1 and 2 for both the dress and the the sweater finishing both projects with an E hook.

I added finishing rows to the arm holes inner and outer this year for the dress.

I did a sc row around the arm holes prior to adding the dc arms for the sweater.

The panties need to be worked to 32 stitches at both ends before joining. This year I added a few extra rows to the top once joined to make it fit up and over the diaper. I finished with a row of hdc. I did a row of sc around the legs to finish the leg holes and then did sc chain 3 skip 1 around the leg openings.

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Stephanie said...

I love the dress and that adorable jacket. Thank you for sharing with us at The Crazy Little Lovebirds link party #33.

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