Monday, March 8, 2010

My St. Patrick's Day Projects

The pictures of the current projects are at least on the camera and now merely need to be moved to the computer for uploading. Digital photography and I are at our infancy stages. At some point, I want the point and click camera. DH wanted the launch the space shuttle version so that is what we purchased. Therefore, I am continuing to use borrowed photographs.

I have fallen in love with Annie's Attic's Fun Time Bath Mitts. I believe it is currently on clearance the website. I made St. Patrick’s Day Bears for my niece and nephew that will be mailed today. I have an Easter Bunny and Easter Duck to send them next month along with other projects I will post about later. I love the fact the patterns are easy and fun to make and have a practical use when they are finished. I know the niece and nephew will love the puppets and Mom will love the fact that it encourages them to get clean in the tub. I am already considering how to incorporate the patterns into holiday themes. The patterns use the dishcloth yarn so I have been hitting the local craft sales at Michaels and AC Moore that have been competing to keep the price close to $1.25 a skein.

I also crocheted St. Patrick’s Day outfits for the nieces’ Barbie dolls. I have been hunting for vintage and current patterns that utilize sports yarn, as I am nowhere near able to crochet with thread at this point. I keep practicing, but my efforts have not achieved success at this point. I finished off the outfits with St. Patrick’s top hats found at Michaels.

For the baby in the crowd, I used a rattle pattern found in Amigurumi Two! My donut shape needs some work. I hope to improve my style as I found a free stackable pattern on Joann Fabrics I want to complete by Christmas. It looks like the plastic round ring stackable toy, but done in crochet. It is nice to have goals.

For those of you looking for free St. Patrick's Day Patterns please see the following blog links:

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