Friday, September 3, 2010

Crochet Wolf Finger Puppet

While I was working on pig project something in my mind just insisted this had to be a fairy tale project. I guess all those years of education training have not gone to waste. The pattern book I used for the pig Finger Puppets 12 Designs To Crochet by Susan Pippin did not have a wolf puppet. However, once this idea formed I started thinking wolf. I looked at the pig and realized that with grey and a little change to the pig pattern we could have a wolf. I altered the ears and used the bear arms and legs. I just need two more pigs and I think I even have a reader's theater play link on my education blog for a play. If not I can just find a good illustrated copy of the book.

Our piano has started to get crowded and it is time to move more of my projects into the attic for Christmas storage. I will be mailing out the Halloween stuff at the end of September, which will give me more space. I sent some of the Halloween items to their new homes over the last couple of weeks so that freed up space as well. I do find excuses to keep the projects out in site. The farm project is ongoing. I just used the Farmer Girl to figure out how to make the Farmer Boy. The attic is not another country and she could have been retrieved for the effort. It is just fun to keep her among us.

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Sarasyn Fox said...

Those are absolutely adorable!

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