Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pattern Pages

Pattern bloggers have different approaches to listing and blogging about patterns. I tend to create categories of pages, expanding them to new pages when they grow too large to search through quickly. On occasion, I will blog about a pattern I have not tried but I stumbled upon in searching for something that just amazed me. For the most part, the individual patterns I blog about are projects I have completed and want to share with others. I add new patterns I discover to existing pages without any announcements.

The reason I share this is there can be confusion when people visit. Some sites do list the new patterns daily, and when visitors come, they assume if they don't see new patterns being discussed, none were added. I often add them quickly between other writing projects and do not have time to discuss what is new. However, I have been fortunate to find people who do add free patterns across pages I blog about on a regular basis and I add those as I find them. So if you are looking for holiday, doll, toy patterns, dishcloths, or other patterns listed and have been here before, do check again. You may be surprised to find some new patterns have been added since your last visit. If you find a set of pattern topics listed on this blog, keep checking in. As I am searching for one set of projects, I always stumble upon projects that fit in other categories and add those as well. Those who visit their topics of choice will find the new additions.

I have also received questions about the photographs. Where possible I do try to use photographs from projects I have completed and am blogging about for my entries. However, on many of the pattern pages, I do use files from Morgue and Flickr and do not have access to the original patterns. When I have the pattern on the site, I will list where you can find it. If I got the pattern from a book, even an out of print one, I will list that always. With an active resale market, it is still possible to find out of print craft books. However, there are times when Morgue or Flickr are just easier to utilize and I have no access to the photographer’s pattern information. The credits are always listed at the bottom of the blog entry, so it should be clear where the picture came from if there is any confusion.

Pictures may not be reused without written permission.


Alyssa said...

Photos are one of the reasons that I haven't pattern blogged more often. I don't mind it but sometimes I get email after email about how I've "stolen" an image. Most of these emails aren't even from the creator of the image! I give credit and tell the creator of the pattern, and if they have a problem with my image I will gladly take it down... But the Internet is so terrified, they assume I'm taking credit :(

Sheltie Times said...

That is where the confusion comes from for many of my readers. In order to avoid using the original pattern photographs I use free use photographs from Morgue Files or Flickr which of course are generally NOT the patterns I have listed when I don't have my own available. It eliminates the image rights issues, but people then get testy the patterns for the picures are not available.

Then again when we are providing a free service to people, they can't be too picky that the pictures do not always match as much as they would like.

My goal in starting this blog was to have a place to collect items I found when writing articles for other projects. The links started to outgrow my "favorites" list on my computer. It was also easier than constantly sending out emails of pattern links to family and friends. One link to my blog and all the patterns were there. I could even link to a page for specific patterns. Moving it to a public blog, just means more people get to enjoy the free links.

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