Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Sheltie Family Expands

I do not make many personal posts because there is often so much craft stuff to discuss, but afer missing a week of posting I thought an explanation was in order. We added another Sheltie to our family last week. As some know my pen name Bailey comes from our older seven year old male sheltie Bailey who came to us from a Sheltie rescue at four months old. It is rare that they have puppies and Bailey has been an amazing dog. Since the name is generic for boy or girl I adopted it when I started writing and needed a pen name.

We have been discussing the possiblity of getting Bailey a sister for a while now. We finally decided to fill out the application with the rescue group the week before Labor Day and were surprised to find ourselves with 2 year old Katy over Labor Day weekend. She and Bailey are becoming fast friends and with caring for them and picking up more political writing assignments, I had no time to blog last week. However, I got pictures taken of my latest projects and those will be up this week for people to see.

Pictures may not be used without permission.


Anonymous said...

Bailey and Katy are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on adding this newest member of your family. I especially love how they're all snuggled up together for a nap - that is too cute!

There is a special place for you and your family in Heaven for adopting rescue animals. You guys rock!


Sarasyn Fox said...

They look so cute together! I bet Bailey must be thrilled. You're doing an incredible service to the animal world by adopting. I hope you and your fur-babies have a lot of fun together these coming years!

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