Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Organizing Your Patterns

I subscribe to Crochet World and Crochet Today!. When I find patterns I want to make, I photocopy the patterns and put them in plastic three-hole punched sleeves. I have binders sorted by topic that I keep these patterns in that make it easy to find the patterns I want.

My binder collection currently consists of one for American Girl Patterns, one for Barbie, and others for Holidays, Home Items, and Toys. I have found copying frequently used patterns and storing them in a protective sleeve protects the magazines and books from future harm and makes the patterns easier to work with when I am crocheting. I can also add individual patterns I purchase through vintage sites, e-patterns I buy, and free patterns I download.

My binders are getting larger. They have expanded as my collection of vintage magazines and books have grown. For patterns, I have chosen not to copy, I am starting to make notes or put pictures in the binders to remind me where to find the patterns I make frequently holidays and as gifts for other occasions. Recently I realized I do forget about the patterns I own when I do not do this when I stumbled across patterns in a book I had purchased to make for a holiday and then forgotten about. I realize even if I do not make the copies, the notes or pictures are important to stay organized.

I know other people use electronic means to organize their patterns. I still like paper copies. Even when my computer is down, I still have access to my pattern stash.

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Daisy said...

I copy a lot of patterns I have too. I don't have a binder with sleeves but I have a 3 ring folder that I put them in. I have a copy machine at home which makes it extra handy!

Sheltie Times said...

Our latest printer copies and I LOVE it. When I was teaching one of my fellow teachers introduced me to the plastic covers. It really does lengthen the life of your pattern copies.

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