Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Barbie Colonial Outfit Crochet

Barbie is getting ready to celebrate the Fourth of July by getting in historical costume. This is a free Betsy Ross Barbie crochet pattern. I have Ken and Skipper finished and will be sharing their pictures soon. I am trying to see if I can adapt a Kelly pattern to let her join in the festivities, too. I need to get the package finished so it can be mailed before the holiday.

I used Red Heart and Caron One Pound Yarn to make her outfit. The pattern required an e hook. Barbie also needs four inches of 1/4" elastic for her waist band.

The cap was a great find. I have been looking for a simple pattern for this for a while now. One simple change I made to the pattern was to split the first row into two. Instead of sc 14 stitches into the circle I did seven and then increased two before moving on to the next row. I found I could not make the 14 sc work correctly for me. Others may have a different experience in making the pattern work. I also increased the pattern by alternating the dc with 2dc to make the hat larger for Barbie's head. My stitches may be tight, but I found the hat was tight when I added the tie before I added the increases. Again, others may have a different experience. I liked the outcome.

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