Monday, June 13, 2011


This is my latest addition to my Halloween projects. This was originally a free pattern available from Fiber Doodles. This is a lesson in always downloading and saving patterns you like even if you are not ready to make them. When I went to find the pattern today I realized the link on my Halloween page was dead. I do try to go rotate my checks through the links every few months so I am not sure, when this one was taken out, but if it comes back, I will add it as I thought this was a wonderful pattern.

This was an interesting pattern to work on. The feet are created separately and then joined together with crochet. This is different from the normal pattern of sewing the legs to the body. I thought it was interesting that the knee was designed to be bent and I liked the large shoes that provide balance for the body. The pattern creates a shirt and overalls for the scarecrow. It was more complicated than it appeared, but it created a cute amigurumi when it was done.

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