Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bunny Avenger Hulk

I finished Bunny Fury a while back and right before Easter completed Bunny Hulk from the Sweet 'N Cute's Bunny Avengers set. While the pictures on the pattern do not show it, this bunny is considerably larger than the rest of the set. Considering he is the Hulk, it makes sense. However, if size is a consideration for storage, display, or play space, you might want to use a smaller hook or a lighter weight yarn.

I was fine with the size, just surprised. I went back and compared the stitches to Bunny Fury and there is a considerable difference. For some of the gifts I make, keeping the ami's small for storage is important. So if I made this set for that group, I'd try to downsize the Hulk. However, for this present he worked out fine.

He also made a great stash busting project. This was all yarn I had from my stash and it helped me work on my stash busting totals for last week.

I still need to complete Captain America, Thor, and Iron Bunny. I believe Iron Bunny will be the next one I tackle although I have several other projects in the works. I'm still in an Easter frame of mind so I am working on some projects for next year. I'm also finishing up an American Girl doll thread dress for a May birthday. I have one more Hello Kitty to post from my Ami Swap, too.

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C.Mahan said...

must never let my husband see this!

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