Monday, February 10, 2014

Moses Basket for 5 Inch Doll

I promised myself I was going to finish off kits and yarn that I bought last year. So right after Christmas I dug out the Little Lullaby kit I was able to pick up on sale at Mary Maxim. I was crazy to think I would get it done for the donation last year, but getting it on sale was not a bad choice. For those of you who don't like buying the kits, the pattern is also available for purchase at Maggie's Crochet here.

I still need to make the outfit for the doll and I have some additional outfits from another pattern I am hoping to complete before the project deadline. However, I feel pretty good about finishing the cradle. At some point I really want to make a cradle purse. I have the Annie's Attic Itsy Bitsy Babies and their Bassinet Purses pattern, found here that provides you with the cradle pattern and clothes to outfit the 5" doll. I thought completing this would be a good starting point to prove to myself I would see the project to the end point.

For those of you interested in free cradle purse patterns I have links on my Doll blanket page here for free patterns to crochet, knit, or sew the cradle purses.

I feel good about my progress for my donation project. Getting this done was a huge push forward. The clothes will be easier to get finished in between other projects. The cradle was a project I needed to push through to complete.

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