Wednesday, February 26, 2014

American Girl Winter Clothes

I know when you buy out of print patterns you can struggle to match yarns. I thought I got lucky when I went to make the sweater set from Edie Eckman's Crocheted Wardrobe for 18" dolls. (American School of Needlework 1278 published in 1999.) I actually found the name brand and the color online and I ordered it. I should have been suspicious when black was no longer available, but I found black in another brand and it worked out fine. However, when the other yarn arrived I realized it might be an issue. It didn't look like the picture. I decided to try making the scarf first. Sure enough, it was clear this was not the yarn from the original pattern. It would look awful for the sweater. However, it wasn't bad for the scarf pattern from the sweater set. I decided a change of plan for this outfit was needed. The mittens are from this same pattern set.

For those of you who loom knit the blue Knifty Knitter loom works great for the 18 inch dolls. I find the chunkier yarns are the easiest because I don't have to use 2 strands of worsted at once. If you follow the directions for the basic hat that come with the looms, it works up pretty quickly. I find making them is a nice break from crocheting from time to time.

The sweater was made using an out of print Springfield Collection Sweater Trio from Fibre Craft FCM494. This pattern becomes available pretty frequently in places that sell used crochet patterns if you are interested. It tends to be fairly affordable. The sweaters are cute and they work up quickly. The pants are from my favorite Abby, Allie and Annie pattern set, from Maggie's Crochet.

After my first attempt failed, I bought a color close to that in the picture in the same brand as the black to try to make the sweater set again.

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