Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I missed last week because I was sick. So first, I am grateful to be feeling better. I am also glad I recovered in time to have Valentine's dinner with my husband.

I am glad he is so supportive of my crocheting and of this doll charity. Only he will drive me to A.C. Moore on a Sunday before a big game because I can get one of my donation dolls for 50% off. That is love folks.

He also supports me by adding patterns to his gifts. Along with a very thoughtful Valentine's gift he added some patterns to my stash. This round I picked up a couple of doll patterns for my donation the Bitty Baby Sweater for the 15" Doll and the Burgundy Red Dress and Grey Poncho for the 18" Doll. To help me with my Easter and April birthday projects he picked up Cowboy Ducky and Marvello the Magician.

I love making crochet gifts for family and to donate. Having someone who supports me in that mission is a wonderful gift.

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