Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 Crochetville Games of Ancient Greece Winter Edition

This is my second time competing in the Crochetville Games. I competed in the previous summer games and it was a great opportunity to get focused and complete a donation project.

This year I thought I had my project all picked out, a doll jacket for the 18" doll. Just one problem, the pattern was from an out of print leaflet and the yarn no longer exists. This normally isn't an issue. I can usually find a substitute. However, for some reason the standard trade 4 weight yarn to 4 weight yarn wasn't working. I think I've solved the problem, but I'll need to order the yarn online to make the project. The odds of it arriving in time aren't great. So, I have decided to change my project.

I'm going to work on my Easter holiday outfit. I tried this outfit a few years ago and never completed it. A few weeks ago I decided this would be my Easter pattern and I bought new yarn to complete it. I tested the gauge last night and it will work. So the Easter outfit is going to be my challenge. If I can complete the coat that will just be an additional bonus.

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