Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halloween Box Done

Just a reminder if you haven't entered the Barbie/Fashion Doll Leaflet Giveaway you can check it out here.

I picked a bad day for it, hot and humid, but I put together the Halloween box yesterday. It took me three tries to find the right size box, but it is ready for mailing tomorrow.

I was surprised at how much stuff there was to put in the box. That is why the first two boxes were too small. The afghan took up more space than I had anticipated. Then the toys and books began to fill all the space. Before I knew it, the box was full.

The only doll that is missing an outfit is Stacie. I hope that next year I will get to one for her. I have promised that Skipper will have a Pilgrim outfit this year.

I also had some books and other holiday items I purchased in the post Halloween sales last year. I have present boxes in the attics to keep stuff I buy in advance. I use an Excel sheet to track the stuff and print it out to go attic hunting. It proved helpful yesterday, as there were a few books that were not where I predicted I would find them. Without the list, I am not sure I would have located everything.


Joy said...

Aww! Everything is so cute! And I love that afghan with the candy corn!

C.Mahan said...

These turned out wonderful! I still love the afghan candy corn !

Anonymous said...

I like the candy corn ami, the frankenstein couple and the mummy!

Laniese said...

They are all so cute but I especially love the candy corn one.

Sharon said...

Wow.. those are amazing! The receipient is going to love them!

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