Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Barbie Fashion Doll Leaflet Giveaway

As many of my readers know I love to collect out of print leaflets, books, and magazines. I often get requests from readers asking me where to find these booklets. I have decided to try offering some of the extra books I locate as giveaways on my blogs. To be clear this is a USED booklet. Since there are not many Barbie/fashion doll books in print the used ones can be more challenging to locate as the demand is high.

I tried to keep the giveaway entry simple although some people are having trouble with the entry tool. I am not a Facebook or Twitter user so there will be no requirements that involve Facebook or Twitter. The giveaway is open to US residents only.

The booklet is Leisure Arts Crocheted Fashion Doll Clothes, 268. The patterns include a wedding gown and veil, Lacy Ruffled Dress & Hat, Southern Belle Dress and Hat, Country Dress, Hat, and Purse, Mock Fur Coat, Tweed Coat & Hat, Slacks, Poncho, and Hat, Skirt, Wrap, and Sweater, Pajamas and Night Cap, Shorts and Midriff Top, Bib Shorts, and Ballet Tut. The yarn requirements range from bedspread cotton and fingering yarn to sports yarn.

The contest will end September 30 and one winner will get the leaflet.

The Rules are simple.

To Enter go down to the comment section of for this blog entry and leave a comment. On the entry form the place that says click for directions and click on the section that says I DID THIS. We were working out the kinks for day one, but all future entries are required to leave a comment in the comment section for this entry to be entered.

Please don't just fill out the form. It will only count as an entry if you actually leave a comment on the blog entry, not if you only fill out the form. I am asking that you do the required tasks to enter the contest. They are not challenging.

The second entry requires you to go to the My Fashion Doll Projects page. Visit the projects and leave a comment on the page of your favorite one. Go back to the entry form click for directions and click on the I DID THIS and you will have another entry. It only counts as an entry if you leave a comment.

I added a third option. Become a friend on Google Connect and leave a comment telling me you have become a follower with the name you use to follow. For those of you who are already a friend leave your follower name in the comment section. Go back to the entry form click on the directions and click on the I DID THIS and you will have another entry.

The winner will be announced in October and hopefully will be able to make some new Barbie clothes for Christmas.

Pictures may not be used without written permission.


Sheltie Times said...

Leave a message here to enter the contest.

C.Mahan said...

I don't want to enter :) I just wanted to say these are really cute.

principeta said...

I love your work and would love this giveaway,my daughter want's me to make dresses for her dolls fos ages =o)

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