Friday, September 9, 2011

Work in Progress Friday

I have photographs to take and projects to finish so I decided today would be a good day to focus on what I am in the middle of instead of rushing to put something on the page.

After watching the success others have had with Rafflecopter I have joined and am planning on adding giveaways of out of print pattern leaflets and magazines that I find in my travels. I know I am not the only collector out there and recently picked up some while pattern shopping for myself to use for this purpose. Look for September's giveaway directions to be posted soon.

I am working on pieces for a Color Swap at Crochetville that I cannot post until the swap is over. I have been working out of my comfort zone trying new stitches and in one case working my way through a different kind of project. I have frogged it twice already so I am not certain of its outcome.

The Kitty afghan is my favorite piece right now. I love the way the colors blend. With a yarn sale last week, I now have enough yarn to finish the final afghan I have on my Christmas list. If I finish that one, I do have one in mind for my Mom. However, that could easily become a Mother's Day or birthday present if I do not make the Christmas deadline.

I have to get serious about dinos this weekend if that one dino is not to be an orphan. If I can finish the piece I keep frogging for my swap partner, it would free up more time to finish the dinos.

This weekend I also have to dig the Halloween stuff out of the closet that needs to be mailed so I get the Halloween box prepared. I have books and some items I got at the post Halloween sales last year that need to be added to my Halloween crochet projects. The stuff should arrive at the end of the month giving the kid a good start to the Halloween season.

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