Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crochet Status

Just a reminder if you haven't entered the Barbie/Fashion Doll Leaflet Giveaway you can check it out here.

I finished my Color Swap for Crochetville. I am waiting on a package that has shipped. When that arrives, I can pop it into the already packed box and send the box off to my partner. I think she will find some things to enjoy in it.

I started my second donation dino. After finishing the head, I decided to start a second one. After putting the eyes in frogging was not an easy option. Something just did not look right. The second one seemed better and I finished the neck as well last night. I am hoping to have him finished today.

I fixed a row and completed two more of the Cats Afghan from the Hooked on Crochet Nov/Dec 1997 issue. I am hoping to have this completed by next month so I can start the last of my Christmas Afghans. There are going to be many ends to finish at the end of this project, but I love the look of this project so far. While I have never worked a chart project before, I have not found this as hard as the ripple afghan. Even when I make a mistake, it seems easier to find it.

Once I get my partner's box packed and mailed for the swap, I am going to mail the Halloween Box. Then I have to get started on the Thanksgiving items.

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