Friday, September 2, 2011

Bear Lovey Blanket

I have made a few of these Bear Security Blankets from B Is for Baby from Annie's Attic. This one was for the granddaughter of my swap partner. I wanted something cute and feminine. The previous ones I made had been for boys.

I started by making the blanket section with variegated Red Heart Plum Pudding with Caron One Pound Lavender Blue as the accent color. I was not pleased with the look so I pulled it out and switched the colors. I liked the look better with the Lavender Blue as the main color and the Plum Pudding as the accent.

If you arrived her looking for free baby blanket patterns please check out:

Baby Blanket Page

Pictures may not be used without written permission.


Joy said...

How adorable is that? SO CUTE!!!

Lara said...

That is absolutely adorable! It looks pretty easy, too.

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