Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sometimes It's Easy to be Nice

I was shopping the second day of the AC Moore yarn sale, yesterday. I had gathered two copies of the $5 and $10 coupons, along with some percent off coupons and put them in a plastic baggie so they would not get lost in my purse. When I was finished, shopping my companion used the $10 coupon and I used the $5. This left me with a complete set. Since the sale was over that night and we were near closing time, it was clear I was not going to be using the other two. There was a woman in line behind me with a significant pile of items. I asked her if she had any of sale coupons. She did not seem pleased with the question and I realized people have taunted me with the need to be more diligent in picking up the flyers myself. Therefore, I quickly asked her if she would like some coupons and offered her the two I had. She took the one that applied to her purchase and left the one she could not use for the next customer. She was quite pleased at her $10 savings. I know I have forgotten my coupons more than once and every so often, someone is kind enough to share. Especially on the last day of a sale when you are not likely to be back, it is hardly a sacrifice to share with a stranger.

I was pleased with my purchases. I was able to try out the Clover Soft Touch Hooks. I bought an E to use with my doll projects. I will write more about my experience later. I finished up the last of my purple cotton so I picked up some Bernat Handicrafter on sale to replace it. The last time AC Moore had Red Heart on sale I picked up the Red Heart Super Saver Carrot for the first time. I liked the way it looked for my fall projects, so I picked up more skeins to help with my Thanksgiving projects. They had a good bargain on Caron One Pounders and this time allowed me to use my coupon in addition to the sale. I also picked up some green Bernat Holiday yarn to make a doll dress.

It was a great trip and I am glad I was able to help someone else save some money as well.

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