Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crochet Color Swap Finished

Just a reminder if you have not entered the Fashion Doll Leaflet Giveaway for a Leisure Arts crochet leaflet you can enter here.

My color swap package is safely on its way to my partner and should arrive Saturday according to the post office. While checking the status of my swap package I discovered the Halloween package is still on track to arrive Thursday.

I am interested to see what my partner thinks of her box. I did not make and ami's or toys this time as there did not seem to be an interest. This was a color theme, not a crochet based theme so I was able to add many non-crocheted items to meet the theme.

I am almost finished with my third dinosaur and think I can make my four goal donation. I plan to drop them off on Thursday, so it still gives me some working time to complete the last two.

In between the first and the second dino I did start on the Pilgrim Turkey that was part of my swap kit. What surprised me in reading the pattern is that this is not made in the round. Looking at the picture, he looks like a round turkey to me. However, the pattern actually is more of a traditional flat two-piece turkey sewn together. I am finding it interesting to work through because I have not made one quite like this before and am interested to see how it will look. I made both body pieces before stopping to return to the dinos. While I really want to see how he is going to look, I have a deadline for the dinos. When they are delivered, I can start to think of Thanksgiving.


Penny said...

I so need to start crafting again, especially with the holidays coming up. You are so talented, I am amazed.

Sharon said...

Ooohh.. swaps! So much fun! :)

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