Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pumpkin Bell

This was the second Halloween bell I made based on the Seasonal Bell pattern from the February 2001 edition of Hooked on Crochet (Number 85). The pumpkin is the pumpkin head from the Halloween Lovey Doll found in the September/October 2011 Crochet Today. The Seasonal pattern comes with flat holiday bell handles, but I prefer the amigurumi style so I played with the pattern.

The final bell is finished and I am struggling with the idea of calling this package finished. I have some Halloween treat bags I could start. However, I have dinos to finish for a Church donation, a Color Swap I am working on at Crochetville, two different 18" doll projects I need to get started on, the Thanksgiving box that has yet to be started, and birthdays and Christmas gifts that need to be done before December. I think it is time to close the door on Halloween and move forward. There is always next year to take on the Halloween stuff I have not had time to play with this year.

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