Thursday, September 1, 2011

Halloween Lovey Doll

Another item is ready for my Halloween box. This pattern for a Halloween Lovey Doll comes from the September/October 2011 Crochet Today. I believe there is a connection between Crochet Today and Red Heart as there is a great deal of Red Heart yarn promotion in their patterns and in return promotion of the magazine on the Red Heart website. I do not know the details, but with the cost of production, it would seem like a good marketing technique to sell more yarn. I however am on a kick to use yarn from my stash or yarn locally available on my toy projects. When doing larger projects like afghans where I need significant amounts of the same color or cannot find a color locally I have resorted to ordering the yarn. Therefore, since Red Heart Creme de la Creme is not available locally, I chose not to order it and stuck with Sugar & Cream instead. I adapted the colors to what I had available.

What I found interesting as I was writing this blog is that Creme de la Creme is not as easy to locate online as I would have thought either. Considering this pattern was posted in a recent issue one would have thought it would be easy to located on the Red Heart website, it was not. I did find it more easily at the Knitting Warehouse and was able to compare weight, length, and price with the Lily brand and it seems similar although not having used it I cannot speak to quality. I am just not sure if Red Heart is discontinuing it, as it does not seem to be easy to locate on their site.

That being said this project obviously works up well with any worsted weight cotton. I am going to adapt the colors, the toy heads, and try making one for Thanksgiving, too. One adaptation I did make was leaving off the feet. Eventually I want to try my hand at making the topsy turvy dolls and I have some patterns. When making those the legs make sense. Here the legs looked awkward and strange. While I did make a candy corn man for this Halloween package, in that case he actually had a body that supported legs. In this instance, the body does not seem to call for it, so I chose not to include them.

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