Friday, September 23, 2011


This was the last dino I had time to make before the deadline. I thought I might finish a Pteranodon. However, he still needed a beak and wings at bedtime. Therefore, I dropped off four dinos yesterday. The donations were looking thin so I am glad I made the time to make them.

This ami was made using Planet June's Tyrannosaurus Rex Pattern that I received for my birthday as part of her Dinosaurs Set 2. I have a T-Rex pattern as part of Gourmet Crochet's Amigurumi Dinosaurs that I have made several times. After making both patterns I can say they both have their strengths and weaknesses for my style of ami making. I like Planet June's one piece body and tail. However, I was not crazy about the bottom legs. I do think her smaller arms were better than those of the Gourmet Crochet pattern. They fit better. The heads are kind of a toss up with Planet June's having slightly more shaping to it.

I have already adapted the Gourmet Crochet pattern to avoid sewing the head on once. I may incorporate the tail design and make a hybrid of the two in the future, as T-Rex seems to be a popular request among the children in the family.

As far as my stash busting goal this actually finished off one of the smaller balls of Red Heart Super Saver yarn. I had a trash bag full of yarn balls and this stash busting has reduced it by a third so far. I am trying to remember to look into the bag before reaching for a full skein to start my smaller projects.

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Mellie said...

These are so cute! My kids were pointing to the screen over my shoulder asking me to make one. Thanks for the links!

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