Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Elephant Witch

Continuing with the holiday theme of this swap I introduce the Halloween entry, the witch. This was one of the earlier elephants I made.

It was adapted from another free Red Heart pattern Baby's Elephant found here. The witches hat and outfit were adapted from a Barbie pattern I've used on a variety of ami's over the years.

One change I'd probably make with this pattern is to have crocheted the bottom of the elephant black to make the elephant a bit more modest.

I had originally thought I'd use this as the model for the rest of the holiday elephants, but I found the body was too short and stubby to make dressing easy. I realized I'd have to rethink the process as many of the other outfits were going to be far more detailed and less likely to fit this style of ami. However, I do think the baby made a cute witch.

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C.Mahan said...

Any time you want to make me an elephant, I'll let you ;)

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