Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dippity Doos Dishcloth

I haven't finished posting all the ami's but I needed a break. That is one of the reasons I added dishcloths to both the crochet swaps I was involved with this month. They were a nice break from all the amis I was making. I personally like getting them because they brighten my kitchen. I always ask before adding them to a package, but most other crocheters I've swapped with also seem to like them. I find them to be both practical and pretty. I enjoy working on them as I try out stitches I don't always encounter in my doll and ami projects.

My swap partner liked red and since I needed a contrasting color, black seemed a good choice. I found this pattern in Learn-a-Stitch Crochet Dishcloths which is currently out of print. I see it pretty frequently in places that sell used crochet books. It has some of my favorite dishcloth patterns.

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