Monday, September 14, 2015

Lacework Prayer Shawl

I received a Homespun donation from a very kind woman in AL last week and I decided to start another prayer shawl while I continued to look for the tulip I need to finish another shawl I'm working on.

This pattern comes from The Prayer Shawl Ministry, Volume 2 (Leisure Arts #4622) and I've enjoyed making it before. Despite the weight of the Homespun the pattern makes for a lighter shawl and it is also a relaxing pattern to work on while in distracting circumstances.

It's been hot here and it's only with the AC that I've been able to tolerate the heavier Homespun yarn. It gets warm quickly. I have been neglectful of donating the shawls so I feel compelled to get back to making them along with my doll donations and toys.

I'm working on a holiday ami project at the moment. It is a slightly different style than I'm used to working on, but I'm hopeful of a good outcome and I hope to make a few to cover the holidays. We will have to see how it all works out.

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