Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Crochet Chicken Drumsticks

I've made crochet food on and off for the nieces, but a few years ago I participated in Crochetville's Olympic Challenge and made a bag full of crochet food for the toy donation. It was a huge hit. In fact I understand the staff couldn't stop assembling the amigurumi hamburger while the stuff was in the office waiting for the students to pick it all up. I've always told myself I'd get back to adding food to the donation, but this year, I couldn't resist the urge to start making some.

I've collected quite a few free patterns, paid patterns, books, and out of print leaflets over the years in my quest to come up with new things to make. However, for this project I returned to the one book I think is the most complete for toy food Tasty Crochet: A Pantry Full of Patterns for 33 Tasty Treats.This is one of my favorites because it has a broad range of foods to make and they easily adapt to cheap worsted weight yarn regardless of the yarns listed. I can make snacks, meals, and desserts all from the same book. It is a great place to start any food project while I assemble my other patterns.

As always I try to make notes to myself on my projects. I've a pile of yarn given to me by a friend when his Mom and sister passed and it has been a great blessing in completing my donation projects. However, one note to myself. This particular white worsted is stretchy which is often a plus with my doll clothes when they might be in need of a little give. However, stretch is not a plus in yarn when making amis. Regardless of my wish to finally finish off this yarn, I should not use it in any future food projects this year. It should be restricted only to clothes.

I loved the green beans. These were simple to make and a great way to add some veggies to the meal. They work up quickly and clearly can be switched between meals once the food is donated to the child. I've packaged it together just for storage/donation purposes. These are a great project to do when I need a project where I can't completely focus on the project. Something to think about when planning when to make these.


Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

The drumsticks are so cute!

Veronica Lee said...

The drumsticks are adorable! Love the green beans.

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