Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Valentine Bunny Lovey

I've been continuing with my holiday packages for my relative's little girl. I wanted a Valentine Lovey and couldn't quite find what I wanted in one pattern, so like with the Santa Lovey I had to be a bit creative. The patterns are all free and available on Ravelry. The first pattern is the Bunny Lovey pattern and it is available here. I couldn't find a Valentine Lovey pattern with a heart so as I said I put one together. For what ever reason I had a block making a heart. I'm not sure what was not registering about how they were made, but I finally found a free pattern here that comes in 3 sizes and it clicked for me. Last the bow comes from a Hello Kitty pattern I've made frequently found here.

This is the second holiday lovey I've had to find a work around for so my reminder to myself is that it can be done with a little patience. DH purchased a St. Patrick's Day pattern for me and I think I have a free Easter pattern which just leaves me with something of a Patriotic nature to cover Memorial Day/July 4th and the year of holiday lovey's will be complete. Next year it will just be ami's I think unless she's lost some of them in her move. It's been a fun step outside my comfort zone. I've never tried anything like these before, but they've been fun.

Another plus to this project was it was a great way to use up yarn. The only "new" yarn was the white. I'd depleted my supply of basic Red Heart white. However, this let me use up the left over yarn from the baby doll carrier and several baby and 18" doll projects from last years donation. I love making projects that help me decrease my on hand stash rather than needing to buy more yarn.


Lisabella Russo said...

Oh this is so adorable! I love it.

Dee | said...

Oh, how pretty is that? Thanks so much for linking up with me at #AThemedLinkup 41 for All Things Love and Valentine’s Day, open until February 7.

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