Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Candy Corn Villager

I was a huge fan of Fisher Price's Little People as a child and I've bought many of their holiday sets for gifts over the years. This year with Covid I've been writing about starting to create a Halloween village as part of an annual Halloween box I've been sending out. However, what is a village without its villagers?

One of the patterns I've chosen to help with this is one purchased from Pamspatterns, Crochet Little Halloween set found here. The pattern set comes with a house but again more likely would make next year's box than this years. However, I am hopeful about adding some of the characters.

You may recognize some of this yarn. While the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn I wanted to use up some of the left over sport yarn from the hot pads as it is in Halloween colors. I had some acrylic yarn in peach color that worked for the face. I think the sport weight is a good choice for these smaller figures. I'm going to look into making sure I have some on hand for future projects.

I've seen lots of ghosts, Frankenstein's, and Dracula's, but I rather liked this character because I hadn't seen a candy corn little person before. Just a note, the designer does sell holiday and other collections of her little people as well as holiday set. The candy corn character is not included in the holiday pack. I have both the holiday set and the Halloween set and realized I didn't have all the Halloween characters when I was comparing the patterns and deciding if I wanted to buy the Halloween set.

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thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday, I'd love to feature you but the photos are too small, anyway you can fix this, it will be good for you too, as then you can get lots more traffic from Pinterest, where large vertical photos are key.
Make your photos 800 or 900 pixels wide and that will be perfect. all the best!

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