Friday, September 4, 2020

Square Crow Garland 2

This garland requires 7 alternating colored square crows and I've now got two finished. I've been alternating my square crow work with the fall birthday and Halloween box projects. I'm hopeful the garland will be ready to hang before I put up my Halloween decorations.

I tried an experiment with brown yarn for the face with this one but I'll be going back to black for the rest of them. I wasn't as happy with it as I'd hoped but not enough unhappy to redo his face. After all I still have 5 more to experiment with and see what I like best.


Jayne said...

This is brilliant! I love your choice of colours. Perfect for Halloween decor. :)

Anne said...

These are amazing. I love the idea of square crows :)

Unique creations by Anita said...

Very cute, thanks for sharing

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