Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The last ami I made for the amigurumi swap was a dachshund. My partner has several dachshunds and when I was flipping through my Annie's magazine collection, I came across Nutmeg the Dachshund in Annie's Crochet Newsletter Number #65 Sept-Oct 1993.

The dachshund worked up much more easily and with fewer surprises than the cardinal. I changed some of the details of the project, as I usually do when I make something. I used safety eyes and a safety nose. Next time I would look more carefully at where the head joins. The directions were not clear and the picture was not helpful. Having done it once, I think I have a better idea of how to do it next time.

This swap is one of the reasons why I keep working so hard on my collection of old Annie's Attic magazines. Two of my projects for this swap came from old Annie's magazines that were out of print long before I even though about learning to crochet. I constantly find myself going back to them when someone asks for something I had not thought of doing before.

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Unknown said...

He is a cutie, and he brings old memories to my mind...
At first grade I made a dog that looked just like that, although he was made from mums old pantyhouse and stuffed with polyfill with fluffy ears. His name was Persson and came from a childrens schoolbook. Those were the days. Thank you for sharing.

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