Tuesday, March 20, 2012


As I mentioned in a previous post, I finished an amigurumi swap and my partner has received her package. I can post pictures and discuss the items I made. She wanted a bird, so I used the free pattern for a cardinal found here to make one.

While I have made ducks, turkey, geese and farm birds, I have never attempted something that looked as realistic as this pattern. Most of the bird ami's I have made are simple toys designed to provide kids with representations of the animals to play with or decorations for holiday entertainment. The cardinal pattern was supposed to provide a realistic rendition of its counterpart in nature.

This pattern presented more challenges than I expected. I had to try the face several times before I achieved the black pattern the picture promised. The wings required using two strands of worsted weight yarn on a fairly small hook to obtain the color pattern for the wing. Getting the wings to balance so they could be attached correctly had its own special joys.

I learned some new strategies working on this project that will help me in the future. I do not know if I will return to this project to make another one. However, if not for this swap, I likely would not have explored this pattern at all. You never know what you will find on your hooks.

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Unknown said...

Such a beautiful cardinal bird. The wings look awsome, I can imagine that they weren't so easy to make. The bird looks so real.

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