Monday, March 19, 2012

Penguin Caddy

My swap partner received her package so I can start posting about the projects I made for the swap this week. The required item for this swap was one amigurumi. However, we like to add in extra items that the person might enjoy. I saw this caddy while searching through old Annie's Attic magazines looking for bird patterns. This pattern came from Annie's Pattern Club Magazine, issue #43 Feb-Mar 1987. I thought this would make a fun desk item to hold sticky notes and hooks or pencils.

While I have made lots of ami's I have never made a project that required a Styrofoam base and chenille stems. The stems were easy to find, but the bases available have changed just a bit since the pattern was published in the 80's. I found one that worked, with a little adaptation though.

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Unknown said...

Sereously.. amazing. As a amigurumilover and maker I can say that is a very nicely done penguin. Cant you put some pens under his arm and take a pic to show, please!

Sheltie Times said...

Since it was for a crochet swap I put hooks under his arm in the picture. He is now in his new home so I can't take anymore pictures.

Unknown said...

Oh, yes of course, i didn't think about that in my exitement!

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