Friday, December 19, 2014

15 Inch Baby Doll Dress and Hat

This dress was adapted from a free pattern for a 14 Inch baby doll found here. Thanks Recycle Cindy for providing the free pattern.

This is one of my favorite patterns for the 15-inch soft bodied Mary Maxim dolls. It works up quickly and because I can pull it up over the doll, I can actually close the opening in the back and it doesn't require buttons or any closings. I avoid those when possible. The skirt has a very pretty pattern, giving the outfit a very pretty look. I found using a heavier weight yarn helped adapt the dress to fit the larger 15" doll.

I was also pleased to be able to make this a stash-busting project. I had some pretty cranberry colored red yarn left and being in the holiday spirit, it seemed a great color to work on this dress. I've managed to finish up a couple more outfits for the 15" doll so I should have those posted soon. It is nice to get a jump on this project, as I know the time creeps up all too soon and I want the bags to be full to bursting when that happens.

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