Wednesday, December 17, 2014

American Girl Christmas Celebration

I was gifted some Hobby Lobby Christmas yarn a while back and have been slowly using it up. As I finished packing up the 2014 doll donations, I came across the yarn again and thought it would be fun to make a holiday dress for the one of the 2015 dolls. I started with the sweater pattern from the out of print Springfield Collection Sweater Trio FCM494. I originally considered making a sweater and pants outfit. The yarn however, was not working for a sweater and seemed to be working itself into a dress, so I went with it. I finished off the dress and added a skirt to the sweater to make it a complete outfit.

The hat was another experiment. I had found a free mini slouchy hat pattern while researching the link for the Panda Hat I posted about previously. I decided to try it out and it became a part of this outfit. You can find the pattern here. One note about the hat, I had to use a much larger hook to get the hat to fit. I don't suggest anyone trust my gauge, but I do try to let people know when I've had to change something to make it work. Depending on how tight/loose you crochet, it might not be an issue for you.

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