Monday, July 13, 2015

Aztec Wishes Donation

I took some time off from Blogging and Crocheting, but kept in touch with my online crochet friends. A very dear friend made a huge donation to my Christmas doll donation to the local tech high school's annual toy drive. Yes Christmas in July, folks. No seriously, these toy drives come due in November, but for those of us who make stuff for them, we start in December for the following year. I thankfully, had a blitz right after the holiday and had some outfits stocked for the upcoming donation, but had a drop to nothing as as spring came.

Thankfully, with this donation there will be some very happy children this Christmas. Also, with encouragement from friends, I too have got my hooks working again and have some new doll outfits ready to post. I picked up some new doll patterns for my birthday to try out and I'm very excited to be working again.

A big thank you to my friend Darski at Crochetville. Your amazing generosity and inspiration cannot be expressed with words. However, I think we both know the joy that dolls and their lovely clothes can bring to kids. You have made that a reality for this coming Christmas. Thank you.

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