Wednesday, July 22, 2015

American Girl Patriotic Dress

My husband is amazing about buying me crochet stuff as long as I tell him what stuff I'm interested in. I came across a pattern set on Amazon Kindle that I had never see sold as a set before. While I'm doing more with my Kindle, I still like paper patterns. I looked on Ravelry where I had seen the patterns offered separately and had them wish listed, but the set wasn't available. Turning to Etsy, I discovered I could get the complete set for $20, which was an amazing savings. By buying the complete set the patterns are almost 50% off. Since I had most of them on my to buy list, it seemed like a great item to put on DH's birthday shopping list. You can find the listing here.

The outfits are adorable. I started on this one because I had wanted to make a holiday outfit for the July 4th holiday for the donation. Since the donation isn't until Christmas being late isn't really an issue and I was in the mood for a Patriotic outfit.

While my gauge is still off, I still adapted the pattern to use worsted weight. When I matched gauge the dress was a bit tight and the designer uses a tie in the back to close the gap. (Her pictures show the dress being a little tight) I chose to make it a little looser using worsted weight (4) and used a button to close the back. It just looked a little more finished.

I've started on the Elsa inspired dress and plan to work my way through the pattern book.

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