Monday, August 24, 2015

American Girl Back to School Outfit

This was another free crochet pattern found from ABC Knitting here.

I fell in love with the colors when I came across this pattern. I try not to complain about free pattern designers. What ever they give is a gift. However, one of my few complaints is when designers of free or paid patterns choose obscure yarns that are hard to find or are no longer available by the time the pattern is published. I understand people have the right to choose the yarn they feel will best match their design needs, but for those of us who then try to find yarn to use it can be a frustrating process. I don't even complain when the yarn is more expensive than I want to pay. At least if it is still available I have some hope of trying to find a substitute I can afford. However, when the yarn is an obscure one, or one no longer available, finding a substitute is much more challenging. The more important the texture and color are to matching the pattern, the more frustrating it is when the yarn is not readily available. No yarn is available forever, however, one would hope that at least at the time of publication, we should be able to locate the yarn used by the designer.

I saw this pattern when it was first published at ABC Knitting and started immediately on a hunt to find the suggested yarn. I couldn't locate it anywhere. For some patterns that isn't an issue. Substitutes are easy enough to locate and the finished product is close enough to the suggested yarn that I'm happy with the result and sometimes at a discounted rate. However, this one was trickier because it required specific colors that were not easy to locate. I eventually found Cascade fingering yarn at Webs. It was the only yarn I found online that matched the suggested weight and came close to the color. I'm not sure based on outcome it was exactly the same texture as the original yarn. Not having the original to see how it measures up, I can't be sure.

I found the skirt and the backpack worked up easily, but I struggled to get a good fit for the cardigan. The colors are perfect for a fall outfit and I was quite pleased with the outfit.

While I love the skirt and the backpack, I'm not sure I'd try the cardigan again. I'll have to find a substitute if I make them again.

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C.Mahan said...

Now this is just the cutest! I love all the fall colors. October is my favorite month and this really screams October.

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