Monday, September 11, 2023

Lots to Love 10 Inch Baby Doll Sweater Set

I've been trying to acquire more patterns for the smaller baby dolls to give myself some variety in what I send for the donations. This is Char Caywood's Christmas Sweater pattern you can purchase here.

I chose not to got with Christmas colors for two reasons. The first was I don't have time to make many outfits for the smaller dolls so while I do make an occasional holiday themed outfit I try to make most of the outfits somehting that would work year round for dressing up baby.

The second is a more practical one. I promise myself every year I will focus on shopping from my stash for my doll projects. A bright sunny sweater set was in the stash, a Christmas one was not. I don't tend to keep lots of Caron Simply soft on hand and this is what was available when I did a quick search. For my own notes in the future I'd likely go with Herrschners Worsted for this project. I have more color options in my stash and the yarn doesn't split or pile as badly.


I used the suggested G hook for this outfit. While I needed to make adjustments in certain areas changing the hook size would have made the outfit big in other areas.

I added two rows to each of the trim panels of the sweater and then did sc chain 3 button holes to make it easier for my buttons to fit.

I did not decrease the final hdc row of the pants as they were too tight when I tried the suggestions for decreases but fit by keeping the previous row's stitch count.

The shoes fit as written but I changed colors in the final row and did a sc chain 3 at the top for fun.

I'm currently working on a bathing suit for the Lil Cutesies doll and trying to adapt some fashion doll patterns for the various Barbie dolls. I just can't believe how fast fall has advanced on me and before I know it the drop off date will have arrived!!!


Dee | said...

Oh, perfect color combination, looks cute :) Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedLinkParty 129.

Lydia C. Lee said...

Cute!! #UnlimitedLinkParty

Sum of their Stories said...

Awh, sooo cute!

Oombawka Design said...

This little baby doll sweater set turned out beautifully!

Thank you for linking up at our weekly Link Party! You are being featured at our Wednesday
Party #521 this week (on Wednesday). Here’s the direct link to the post in case you’d like to share your feature:

Hope to see you again next week! Rhondda

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