Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Our Generation Boy Shirt Pants and Shoes

I've added the Our Generation Boy Doll Daniel to the donation this year. I'd been working on finding patterns that would fit the doll and this week I decided to take one of Adoring Doll's Christmas patterns and turned it into a more daily wear shirt, pants, and shoes set. You can purchase the original pattern here.

This is an adorable Christmas themed pattern but while I have lots of daily wear patterns for the girl dolls I don't have as many for the boy.

This one was easy to adapt. I am actually thinking about turning this into a summer outfit with shorts and perhaps using a sweater pattern in combination with the hat, boots, and pants from this pattern to make more of a winter set for the doll. We will see what I get to before the donation date.


I used an I hook for the shirt. I chose not to go with a striped shirt as I wanted something simple for this first outfit. Instead of a sc border I went with reverse sc as it just provides a more interesting look.

The pants took me a bit to figure out an appropriate hook size. I have weird guage at times but I needed a K hook to get the waist to fit the doll. Anything smaller with the stitch count and the pants would not slide up and down the body. Since I was not going for a holiday look I did not trim the bottom of the pants.

The shoes are designed to be boots and I do intend to make a winter outfit at some point and will be back for the boots. However, I wanted more of a shoe pattern for this outfit so I finished off the boot pattern after finishing row 7 and I found it made a nice shoe. This could be my shoe pattern for the boy. I used an I hook to get the shoes to fit the feet.

I hope to return to make the hat when I make a winter outfit. If I have time I'd love to include some holiday outfits. For now my focus is gettig some regular wear outfits as I suspect they will be used more frequently.


Stephanie said...

You did a wonderful job! Thank you for sharing with us at Crazy Little Love Birds link party #6.

JOY @ said...

Beautiful work.

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