Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Our Generation Mermaid

While searching for a baby afghan kit a while back I realized I found a Mary Maxim Mermaid Tail Doll Kit I had purchased and never made. It is no longer available although they are currently selling a knit kit. The copywrite was 2016 and they do retire their doll kits so I wasn't completely suprised to find it was no longer available. They haven't offered it yet on their pattern site.

This is one of the more "modest" patterns I've seen for the 18 inch doll mermaids. There is a bathing suit base you can see below. Then instead of the bikini top, the designer has made a sweater.

I wasn't a huge fan of the Mermaid tail pattern. It was more complicated than it needed to be as I found when I made Sweet Silver's Creation's Mermaid for the My Life doll that I'll be writing about later. I did like the other parts of the pattern. I don't have a quick and easy swim suit pattern for the Our Generation doll and I do with this pattern set. This is a pretty quick and easy pattern and it fits the doll well. I also thought the sweater would be a cute addition to another outfit. Again I don't often make sweaters for the Our Generation but this would be a cute add on for another outfit.

I am glad I cleared another item out of my stash. I regret buying stuff I never make. It also inspired me to find my other mermaid pattern to make for the My Life doll.

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