Wednesday, November 29, 2023

My Life Flamenco Dress, Hat, and Shoes

This is a one of those free patterns I return to year after year. You can find it here. It adapts not only across all the 18 inch dolls but I also use it for the Rag doll and the JC 16 Inch baby dolls. It works up quickly and it adds to my stash without a huge effort.


I used an I hook for the dress this year.

I've been challenging myself to try patterns that have been gathering dust in my binder so the hat was in a daily crochet calendar that they sadly no longer publish. Michelle Crean submitted the Vanilla Ice Sunhat. She suggests a lighter yarn and a smaller hook. I was trying to continue with the yarn I had used for the dress. I'd follow her directions next time as the brim is too heavy for the hat.

I seem to have misplaced my favorite shoe pattern Sweet Silver Creations Sailor pattern which I'm going to have to locate soon. However, I did dig out Sweet Silver Creation's Sundress pattern, available for purchase here, which I believe is the same or almost the same as the sailor shoes. I'm continuing to search through my unfiled patterns as I'd hoped to make the sailor outfit again and I do like the shoes. She no longer offers the sailor outfit so I can't replace it either. Therefore I have even more incentive to find my copy of the pattern.


Reidland Family said...

This pattern made me think of my mom. She loved to make clothes like this for your grandbabies!

PaulaShort said...

That doll dress is darling. You do such lovely work.
Visiting today from Crazy Little Love Birds 16 #40

Stephanie said...

You have a wonderful talent. Always so nice visiting and seeing what you have created. Thank you for sharing at the Crazy Little Love Birds Link Party #16. Hope to see you again at the party.

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