Friday, April 29, 2011

Afghan Experiment

As I mentioned before I wanted to make Christmas Afghans this year. I purchased Lion Brand's Thick and Quick Wool-Ease Yarn to make one of their free patterns. I soon realized while I loved the color selection of the designer, that I was not as crazy about the pattern. Since most of my other patterns use traditional worsted weight yarn I decided to experiment using just the ripple portion of the Connor's blanket to make just the ripple without the bobbles. As I mentioned in the post about Connor's blanket this makes a blanket with the ripple on the long side, not the short side. The original pattern is available for purchase not a free pattern.

The heavier weight has created a longer blanket that was one of my goals as this child is older and I am hoping the blanket will not be outgrown. The pattern also has a different look to it, which I am pleased about because I do not want the blankets to be duplicates of each other. I want the brothers and sister to have individual blankets. I have a traditional worsted weight ripple with a blue pattern for the last child in this family.

If this pattern comes out well I have Lion Brand Hometown Yarn that I bought for a relative on the other side of the family. The pattern I bought it to use with was another free Lion Brand pattern that uses the same stitch I did not like. Therefore, I will need another substitute pattern and this would be a great option. If not I will explore other options.

If you arrived here looking for free afghan patterns check the following blog pages:

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Brenda Marie said...

Those colors are really pretty together, of course I'm partial to purple though LOL

Bailey Be Good! said...

Wowserz! That's a beautiful blanket you're making! I bet it's gonna be really comfy to lay on! :) :)

Woofs & hugs,


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