Monday, April 4, 2011

Granny Square Afghan Completed

This was a fun project and I promised I would post the details when it was completed. The pattern title is Granny Square Afghan. It comes from the Annie's Quilt and Afghan Club series published in 1996. The pattern number is QAC317-04. I have been collecting a few of these pattern offerings and this is the first one I have attempted to make. While out of print, they are offered on various vintage pattern sites as well as traditional auction sites.

I loved the bright colors and the rectangular granny squares. While I have made several granny squares, I had no idea how the rectangle would work until I was several rows into the process. While some people can read the directions and get a picture, I have to work through it before I can see how it will work. Once I have done a particular style a few times, then I can read it and anticipate the next step.

My husband is already enjoying his early birthday present. One advantage of this pattern was the length. A few of our afghans are short and barely cover his toes. This one leaves plenty of extra room to spare. With an unexpected cold spell, he and the dogs have been snuggling while watching the opening baseball games.

If you arrived here looking for free afghan patterns check the following blog pages:

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Brenda said...

It looks wonderful

C.Mahan said...

This turned out super cute. I love the colors!

WAH Adventures! said...

Have you ever considered selling your crafts online? I use Artfire to sell my handmade jewelry and I love it! You can list and sell for free!

Here is a link for the short review I did of them.

Sheltie Times said...

I have looked at Artfire and Etsy and am considering my options.

Daisy said...

Oh wow! That is really nice! I think you should sell a few things too! Please post when you get something going!

Sharon said...

Great job!

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