Friday, April 8, 2011

Crochet World Digital Version Review

I just renewed my print version of Crochet World, but I have been thinking about the digital version as an option for a while now. When I renewed my print version for two years, I was able to avoid paying shipping costs. I also discovered that there was a reduced cost for the digital version. When bought alone, the digital cost of the magazine is about $16 and gives you the current year as well as two years of back issues. When purchased with a print version the cost is less than $11. Buying the two together also gave me access to the current year and four years of back issues. Since I have been buying old issues to get the patterns this will reduce the issues I need to find.

The ability to download old and current patterns was worth the investment. I have already begun printing patterns to add to my collection.

I was originally wondering if I would regret buying the digital and the print versions. After reviewing the online magazine, I am not regretting it. There may be better ways to read the online version I have not discovered yet, but my original experience was not as enjoyable as I had hoped. It was not as easy to negotiate as I had hoped. You can read the current magazine in "magazine format" online. However, it does not appear that you can directly print from there. You have to move to the PDF version, which is not as quick to negotiate. This magazine format does not seem available for the older magazines, which makes reading the articles more difficult. There is an option to skip from page to page. However, it does not provide the "feel" of reading a magazine.

There is a search function and this is limited. If you search for a term like "afghan" it will bring you to the issues that have afghan patterns. It does not bring you to the specific patterns themselves. You have to open the magazine to find them.

As I explore the magazine further, I may find there are better functions to make using this easier. I will post more about my experiences as I learn more. If anyone has any suggestions to improve negotiating the digital system I would appreciate them.

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C.Mahan said...

For the online version that has to be sent to pdf for printing, could you download a screen capture program and have it print that area?

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