Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ana Paula Rimoli Gnome Patterns in Crochet Today

I have not read about a contract between Ana Paula Rimoli and Crochet Today, but this is the second magazine in a row to feature her patterns. The May/June 2011 copy has a fairy and a gnome pattern for readers to make using Red Heart Yarn.

If you visit my home in the summer, you will see a collection of garden gnomes so you can understand my excitement about the gnome pattern. The fairy is also cute.

Her new book Amigurumi Toy Box: Cute Crocheted Friendsis due out this month so that may be one of the reasons for her increased presence. I hope she continues to work with Crochet Today. It would keep me subscribing.

The magazine also had a wizard’s cape that I thought was cute. The downside is it is designed using sport weight yarn and requires 11 skeins of yarn. I will admit to being cheap, but it seems this project would have been just as effective in worsted weight and a great deal less expensive. I could see doing the stars in a lighter weight yarn, but I am thinking the cape would have been just as much fun and a good deal cheaper and accessible in worsted weight yarn. I cannot imagine finding nine skeins of sports weight blue in my local store, which means I would have to order it. On the other hand, in worsted weight, it would be less expensive and I could pick up the items locally. I may try playing with the pattern to see if I can make it small enough. It would make for a fun dress up costume or even a Halloween item.

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Brenda Marie said...

The ducky is cute but then again I love gnomes too.

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