Monday, April 11, 2011

Fleece Blankets

I am already working on Christmas presents and I know I am not the only one out there. Fleece blankets are one present that has worked out well and is still popular in my family. I purchase the fleece material on sale or using coupons.

There are several options for finishing the blankets. You can hem the ends. I have used this approach in the past. My Aunt has generously used her sewing machine finish the edges for me. I have seen people cut and tie the edges at craft fairs. Another option I am considering is crocheting the edges. There was a pattern in the Crochet Calendar and I found some in some older magazines I purchased.

My husband and the dogs enjoy blankets from all the local sports teams with the exception of the Boston Bruins and the New England Revolution. I have found Red Sox, New England Patriots, and the Celtics. For kids you can update blankets as their interests change. While I love the knit and crochet afghans, the fleece are more dog friendly for our home. We have our couches covered as it makes it easy to wash and remove dog hair on a frequent basis. They also resist claw damage better than yarn.

These blankets have been popular gifts across generational gaps. Younger family members have enjoyed many of their favorite characters as warm blankets. I have found themes to match the interests of teens, young adults, and our parents. I like that it is much cheaper to buy the material and make the blankets than it is to buy the blankets already made. Another advantage is the ability to control the size of the blankets. My husband is tall and often the sports throws you buy are too short. When I buy the material, I control the size.

Free Sources for Instructions on Blanket Edges:


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Brenda Marie said...

I've started my Christmas presents - working on some needlepoint for those I'm closest too.

Angie said...

Oh my goodness! I haven't even started thinking about the holidays. You are a planner...and I need to become one.

C. Mahan said...

I usually dont start putting away for Christmas until the end of spring. Good for you for planning ahead, and everyone loves fleece blankets. They are so handy for ball games, camping, and sitting outside.

Sheltie Times said...

I start the day after Christmas. We have a large family. When I spread it out over the year it is much easier to handle.

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