Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crochet Chocolate Kiss

My Husband's office is decorated with little ami's especially for the various holidays. I was trying to come up with something cute for Valentine's Day. The Candy Corn with sneakers was a big hit. I didn't have the time to make him a Kiss last year when I completed the My Silly Valentine's patterns from Crochet Village for my Valentine's box. This year I squeezed in a kiss project between the doll's clothes.

As you can see from the one I made last year posted here, I didn't go with the traditional colors last year either. I like the way Hershey's has holiday colors for their candy and I made a red Kiss last year. This time I had a request for specific colors so I went with the blue and yellow. The red ties on the sneaker bringing it back to Valentine's Day. This is a fun quick Valentine's project if you are looking to purchase a set of patterns to work on this year.

I am alternating between doll projects and Easter projects, as that box needs to go out at the beginning of March. It will take a while to get those projects done. However, thanks to my husband and some great friends on Crochetville I have some adorable patterns to work on for my Easter box.

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